Our Process

With Pleasant Life Health Center​​​​​​​, you're not just making another doctor's appointment. You're taking your health & happiness in a new direction. And we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Step 1


Schedule an appointment on our website at a convenient time for you and fill out your paperwork online if you're able. Knowing about your past injuries and health issues will help our doctor make the best possible recommendations for your care.

Step 2


In an individual consultation, we'll discuss your health concerns and goals to make sure we will be providing you the best quality care.

Step 3

Doctor's Exam and X-Rays

A Doctor will do a spinal exam to see where you currently have bones out of alignement causing your issues. If medically necessary, x-rays will be taken to get a more detailed picture.

Step 4


With specific chiropractic adjustments, we'll begin to gently guide your spine back to a healthy alignment. As the vertebrae return to their natural position, pressure on the nerves and discs is reduced, resulting in less pain and inflammation. More importantly, a healthy spine and nervous system means the body is able to function as it's designed to!

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