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Chiropractic, the Nervous System, and Chronic Headaches

Headaches can be a large burden on our day-to-day life. It can make it difficult to focus on our social life, school, career, etc. – essentially anything other than our headache. While there are over the counter medications that we can take to help dull the pain and provide us some form of relief, that may not always be our best form of care.

Adaptability and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies have found that individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease have a less adaptable nervous system than those who do not.

Trusting the Body

Natural processes in the body are perfectly and intricately designed. Overutilization of medical intervention can lead to harmful effects not only for the individual but also to public health!

Facial Numbness, Dry Eye and Anxiety Testimonial!

Rebecca had numbness and tingling on one side of her face. The doctors had diagnosed her with trigeminal neuralgia.

How Can I Help A Pinched Nerve?

Living with pain of any kind can make our day-today lives much more difficult. As we age, unresolved pain can become harder to navigate in life.

The Gut, The Brain, Inflammation, and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Our gut works hard for us. It is comprised of tons of tiny microbes that work to keep the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in check. This allows us for proper digestion! We may not realize that our digestion and gut bacteria go way beyond just the confines of our gut.

Migraine and Headaches Testimonials From Pleasant Life Chiropractic!

Bonnie had suffered with daily headaches for twenty years of her life. Melissa suffered with upper back pain, tight side back pain, lower back pain and migraines when she started care.

Migraines Can't Keep Him Down

Headaches and migraines can take a toll on our daily lives, especially recurring and frequent headaches. They can make it difficult to go to work, participate in school, engage fully in our social lives, and enjoy restful slumber.

Neck Pain and Vertigo Free!

Neck pain is relatively common. Approximately 90% of people suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives; indeed, it is a leading cause of physical impairment.

Recovering from Chronic Migraines

Migraines and headaches can make our daily life miserable. When we are in constant and seemingly never-ending pain, we tend to distance ourselves from activities and obligations (such as work or school) to seek relief.

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