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Gentle, researched technique

Reproducible results

Better function

Our Technique

At Pleasant Life Chiropractic, we use Torque Release Technique (TRT), one of the most thoroughly researched techniques in chiropractic.

Gentle adjustments to the spine are made using an instrument called the Integrator.

Gentle                Targeted                Fast results                No twisting or cracking

About Us

Chronic pain and other health issues shouldn't stand between you and doing what you love. That's why our mission at Pleasant Life Chiropractic is to help your body heal and function at its natural best, without drugs or surgery. Dr. Ashley Trail uses a targeted technique without any twisting or cracking to restore your spine to its natural alignment and allow your body to function as it's meant to. In short, we make sure you're healthy so you can get back to fishing, running, playing with your kids, and doing all those wonderful activities you love. 

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