Trusting the Body

The human body is perfectly designed! It appears the body has thought of everything it needs to keep itself going. From internal processes such as digestion and blood flow to movement of our ligaments and limbs – we can do a lot without ever needing to think about it!

Natural processes are there for a reason. While many medical procedures, such as Cesarean section, can be life-saving, their overutilization can result in a cascade of effects for mom, baby, and public health. With the development of new technology in recent years, we find ourselves over-analyzing pregnancy and being quick to intervene even though it may not be necessary. In some cases, we can even end up with false-positive diagnoses that cause us to intervene without needing to!

This all makes it alarming to see C-sections rising at a 10-15% annual increase in some countries! The likelihood of a C-section being performed is also increased in situations where the staff was less experienced, less staff and equipment were available, and scheduling a Csection was less risky for the staff than risking a complicated vaginal birth. While this may be less risky for the staff, that does not always mean it is better for mom or baby! Choosing our own healthcare path is important. While we need to embrace that the unexpected can happen and throw all our healthcare plans out the window, we need to put trust in the human body to do what it was designed for! With chiropractic care, we can ensure our body is functioning optimally without interference and therefore better equipped to perform these natural processes!

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