How Chiropractic Care Benefits Children’s Growth

Chiropractic care used to be considered an ‘alternative’ type of treatment for medical issues, and more specifically, back pain. However, today chiropractic treatment is more mainstream than ever, with an increasing number of people choosing the reap the benefits associated with this effective type of care.


Nevertheless, visiting a chiropractor isn’t just for adults, and contrary to popular belief, treatment isn’t only for relieving the discomfort and mobility issues associated with back pain. Young children can benefit from regular visits to a trained and experienced pediatric chiropractor. This is because chiropractic treatment has also been shown to be beneficial for children’s growth and development.


Children can be Accident-Prone

Very young children are just starting to learn about how their bodies move, which makes them much more accident-prone. Crawling, walking, and running are often followed by twisting, turning, and tumbling and all of these movements could put strain on your child’s spine and other elements of their musculoskeletal system. In some instances, these can often cause subluxations (pressure on the nerves linked to the spinal cord), but unfortunately, you probably won’t know it. Unless your child complains of pain or experiences problems with their movement, these subluxations could go undetected for some time. However, if your child visits a pediatric chiropractor quite regularly, any issues will be detected quickly before they cause any long-term issues.


Correct Alignment is Important for Growth

It is exceptionally important for a growing child to have a perfectly aligned spine. Proper growth is dependent on your child’s body being in optimal health and functioning as well as possible. Studies have shown that subluxations that occur in the body can inhibit important body processes, including proper circulation, a strong immune system, and the ability for the body to heal itself. Much of this relies on efficient circulation since blood carries oxygen and nutrients around the body to your child’s organs and any areas that require healing. When your child’s spine is properly aligned, all of their body systems can work together optimally. This will drastically support their health and development, including their brain development.


Spinal Misalignments can have Wider Consequences for Your Child’s Health

Studies have shown that spinal misalignments have a much broader effect than many of us realize. The reason for this is that the spine houses the central nervous system, which is responsible for all of our body systems and functions. Subluxations that affect the nervous system could prevent it from communicating effectively with the rest of the body, causing a variety of issues including:


  • Poor immunity

  • Sleep problems

  • Digestive issues

  • Newborn feeding issues like colic and acid reflux

  • Stress and unexplained bad moods


This makes chiropractic treatment excellent as a preventative against future problems, as well as a treatment for issues that may have already occurred.



It’s essential to choose a pediatric chiropractor who has experience in working with children of all ages, so be sure to do your research when selecting the professional who will care for your child. Regular chiropractic treatment can support your child’s long-term health and development. Find out more today by speaking to our experienced chiropractic team at Pleasant Life Chiropractic in Charleston, South Carolina by calling (843) 428-7900.

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