Adaptability and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Our body is designed with certain processes in mind. For example, our body is designed to digest the food we eat, keep the nutrients we need, and discard any waste. When those functions don't operate as they should, our healthcare providers should attempt to find why. Inflammatory Bowel Disease is relatively common but is certainly not "normal." When we understand what is causing the dysfunction, we can make healthcare decisions that support our body's healing.

Inflammatory bowel disease disrupts the gutbrain axis, causing inflammation and impaired gastrointestinal function. Research shows that there are close relationships between our nervous system function and our body’s digestive functions. Specifically, studies have found that individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease have a less adaptable nervous system than those who do not.

Chiropractic seeks to reduce interference in the nervous system by correcting subluxation, leading to better adaptability to physical, chemical, and emotional stresses in the body. Thousands of individuals worldwide have noticed massive changes in their body's systemic function, including the digestive system, with chiropractic care. Research shows that the better adapting our nervous system is, the better our health! All individuals, especially those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, should be checked by a chiropractor for subluxation and adjusted, if necessary, so they can adapt and heal at 100%!

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